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Parent & Family Engagement Materials
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Wednesday, November 09, 2016
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Please come by our parent room to checkout educational materials to use at home with your child.  Here is a list of some of the items that are available for you to checkout.

Checkout Times: Room 24 (Frog Hall)

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 2:30

GM You’ve Been Sentenced

GM Tri-Facta Multi and Division

Hot Dot FC Draw Concl Pred

Hot Dot Power Pen

Card Reading Comprehension Main Idea 2nd -5th

Card Reading Comprehension Understand 2nd -5th

Card RD Comp Cause Eff 2nd -5th

FCard Read Comp Test Prep 2nd

FCard Read Comp Test Prep 4th

FCard Read Comp Test Prep 3rd

Money Jar

FCard Prim Asst Tag Unrule/100

FCard Asst 9x3 100 Ruled

Bingo Parts of Speech

Bingo Punctuation

Bingo Prefix Suffix

Card Math Practice Add Subtract 2nd -3rd

Card Math Practice Multiply Division 2nd -3rd

Card Math Practice Multiply Division 4th-5th

Card Vocabulary 4th

Card Vocabulary 3rd

Card Vocabulary 2nd

Card Math Task Common Core 4th

Card Math Task Common Core 3rd

Card Math Problem Solve 2nd

Card Math Problem Solve 3rd

Card Math Problem Solving Practice

GM Word Monkeys

GM Classwords Vocabulary 4th

GM Classwords Vocabulary 3rd

GM Super Sleuth

GM Fact or Fiction Card Language

FCard Math Test Prep 2nd

FCard Math Test Prep 3rd

FCard Math Test Prep 4th

Mag Foam Base 10

Fraction Tile Rainbow W/Tray

Mag Comparative Fraction

Hot Dot FC Multiplication

Hot Dot FC Subtraction

Hot Dot FC More Subtraction

GM Division Dogs

Hot Dot FC Telling Time

Hot Dot FC Division

Hot Dot FC Fractions

FCard Wheel Multi & Div

Spinners Numbers

Bingo Multiplication

Bingo Fraction

GM Zoom!

FCard Division

Hot Dot Laugh It Up Spell 4th-6th

Hot Dot FC Use Context Clue 4th

Hot Dot FC Sequence Cause Effect 5th

Hot Dot FC Place Value

FCard Fraction Fun

FCard Fraction Fun

FCard Multiplication 0-12

FCard Pocket Telling Time


FCard Pocket Multiplication

GM Multiplication Match

GM Time Files

FCard Pocket Telling Time

FCard Money

Hot Dot Power Pen


Kleen slate dry erase paddles

Telling Time match me cards

Opposites match me cards

Numbers & Counting Learning Mats

Patterns Learning Mats

Make 7

Talking Hot Dots Pen

Gallon Guy

Place Value Answer Boards

Yellow Big Reading Guide Strips

Blue Big Reading Guide Strips

Pink Big Reading Guide Strips

Orange Big Reading Guide Strips

Green Big Reading Guide Strips

Retell a Story Cubes

Red Big Reading Guide Strips

Reading Comprehension Cubes

Red Toobaloo

Blue Toobaloo

Grade 2 Classwords The Vocabulary Game

Grade 3 Classwords The Vocabulary Game

Grade 4 Classwords The Vocabulary Game

1st Grade Content Vocabulary Photo Cards

Sight Words in a Flash Learning System


Index Cards

No. 2 pencils

Sharpie permanent markers

Construction paper

Oxford plastic index card boxes

Color Markers

Telling Time kit words



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