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Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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What do I need to register my child?

You will need to provide the following documents for registration:

•1. In order to verify your child's residence, TWO of the following forms will be accepted:

* Property tax records

* Mortgage documents or property deeds

* Current W-2 for the parent/legal guardian for the location of the legal residence

* Residential lease (apartment or home) - This must be a legal document

* ONE utility bill (power or gas) - no telephone or cell phone bills can be accepted

*A court degree declaring the resident to the legal guardian of the student

If you are a divorced parent or legal guardian of the child you are enrolling, you must provide legal documentation naming you as the custodial parent or legal guardian. This is necessary for the protection for your child.

•2. Child's certified birth certificate

•3. Child's certificate of immunization

•4. Child's social security card (optional)

•5. Withdrawal form from previous school

•6. Photo ID of the person enrolling the student


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